Invention :

Tennis shooter

Background and Importance :

      Tennis shooter is important to promote the tennis learning skill particularly in a large tennis class. However, with the budget limitation, tennis class cannot be equipped with a costly tennis ball shooter commercially available. Another main concern is the electric wire needed to power the device, which makes it inconvenient for outdoor function in an open air tennis court. To save cost for classroom facilities, the research team has design the low – cost device the fits the needs. The dominant features of the budget tennis ball shooter are its reliable program, controlling functions, and wireless portability that will support tennis skill training and drilling.

Technology :

      Tennis shooter uses electric supply from the battery (12 hrs. period of using). It is operated and controlled by a remote controller. There are five micro-switches to program the function. Two of them control the wheels to launch the tennis ball. The third micro-switch controls the axis for left-right movement and the forth controls up-down axis. The last micro- switch controls the ball tray rotation to release the ball to the launch area. The capabilities of this tennis shooter include launching the ball horizontal to left and right sides. Ball speeds are in three levels: slow, moderate, high). The angles of launching are adjustable for low, middle, and high degree. This can be done manually or by random mode.

Advantages / Pros :

1.The tennis shooter is able to continually launch approximately 15 balls per minute.
2.The accuracy of reaching target area is at 95 %. Without wire, it is convenient for outdoor use.
3.The operation is easily controlled by remote controller. A tennis coach can choose the random shooting program for player to drill the swing patterns, or choose a manual mode to particularly train for certain shot.
4.The device can save human energy and reduce unnecessary work force, as well as allow individuals, to drill or practice tennis alone.

Intellectual Property Status :

Petty Patent

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