Invention :

The process for preparation of dye powder from bacteria, Streptomyces KB3.

Background and Importance :

      The usefulness using of secondary metabolites that showed active against pus-causing microorganism produced from bacteria have been much more studied. Moreover, the pigments produced from bacteria have been also got interested to use for preparing the dye powder. The dye powder that prepared from pigment-producing bacteria might be used instead of chemical dye. The natural dye powder produced from bacteria, Streptomyces KB3, might be alternative for dye industries in near future because of the safety to use.

Technology :

      The research teams could be developed the technique to induce the pigments production of Streptomyces KB3. The developed technique by means of the growing the bacterial cells in various agricultural waste, such as grits or rice straw etc. It was found that the cells can be activated and induced the production of brownish-orange pigment or a group of reddish-brown color. The dye powder was made into drying powder by heating at 60-150 degree Celsius.

Advantages / Pros :

1. It is remarkable in term of produced a pigment (group) of orange or reddish-brown groups
2. It showed no residue in the environment because of it is a biological dye powder
3. It be safe, did not show the effects to the body and environment.
4. It might be used instead of chemical dyes.
5. It could be produced in bulk, not depended on the season.

Intellectual Property Status :

Petty Patent

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