Invention :

A portable microscope for teaching and learning

Background and Importance :

     A microscope is a magnification instrument to observe an object that is incapable of using naked eye. It is widely used in many applications. The Ministry of Education recognizes its benefits and integrate the subject of "Using a microscope" to the curriculum from junior high school to high school levels. Students, therefore, are trained to have the foundation to find new knowledge through the use of a microscope.

Technology :

     The microscope was invented to take into account its portability. It was designed to be durable for use in the field by using a plastic as a raw material to construct. The model of the microscope supports printing by use of a 3D printer with ease of assemble. The microscope consists of a single lens; an object lens without an eye lens. It provides a mechanic structure to enable a user to scan the slide; in the xy plane, in order to find the position of the object on the slide. The focal point or the sharpness of the object can be adjusted by means of moving the lens between the eye and the object in the z-axis.

Advantages / Pros :

1. Portability/Comfortability
2. Capability to imitate full feature microscopes
3. Cost effective

Intellectual Property Status :

Petty Patent

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