Invention :

The process of in-vitro culturing of Streptomyces to reduce time for the secondary metabolites production.

Background and Importance :

     The production of secondary metabolites from bacteria often takes a long time for culturing the bacteria cells, which may result in contamination problems during incubation process. Therefore, in order to get rid of the occurrence of such problems and to be able to use quickly. The process was developed to accelerate the growth rate and increase productivity secondary metabolites in the suitable equipment sets.

Technology :

     The research teams have developed the technique by using the baffled flask containing glass beads. The shaking with glass beads can be increased the rate of oxygen exposure into the culture media. It was found that the aforementioned equipment used in culture will accelerate the growth rate and increase productivity in a faster time than former (stand the flask) methods

Advantages / Pros :

1. it was reduced the contamination
2. It can be Increased secondary metabolites productivity
3. It can be accelerated the growth rate

Intellectual Property Status :

Petty Patent

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