Invention :

Foldable walking aid

Background and Importance :

     The situation and trends of the aging society in Thailand is increasing. Increased age affects the risk of falling. The risk factors of falls include risk factors within the body which are changes in eye vision such as farsightedness and blurred vision, changes in musculoskeletal system such as deterioration of joints and tendons which causes movement limitations, and changes in urinary system.

Technology :

      A foldable walking aid can help the elderly who are not independent walking to move and allow the patient to walk steadily and independently. The foldable walking aid consists of a steel frame composed of 4 wheels with handlebars, brakes and armrests. There is also a cushion to support the weight of the patient if there is weakness in both legs or the patient can sit down and rest. And it has a backrest in case the patient wants to rest. This walking aid can help patients to move more easily and reduce dependence on caregivers to do various daily activities.

Advantages / Pros :

1. The cost of the invention is cheaper than the equipment that is commercially available in the market.
2. Foldable, easy to carry outside.
3. Reducing the dependency of the caregiver to do various daily activities.

Intellectual Property Status :

Petty Patent

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